Visit the property and carry out an initial appraisal

Assist the client in preparing the clients requirements

Advise on the need for services by consultants or specialists

Survey the building and site as required

Prepare the existing drawings of the building and site to include plans, elevations and sections as necessary

Prepare preliminary design options and discuss them with the client

Develop the final design

Submit the final design proposal to the client for approval to include proposed plans, elevations and sections as necessary

Make the relevant application/s to the Local Authority

Prepare drawings and other information in sufficient detail to enable a tender or tenders to be obtained

Prepare detailed lighting, heating, electrics and construction drawings

Prepare a specification for the works outlining in detail what the client is proposing enabling the builder to price for itemised sections of the build

Prepare documents required for tendering purposes

Invite and appraise tenders

Advise on the appointment of a builder

Provide the builder with the information required for construction

Prepare the necessary requirements for Building Control submission

Visiting the site as necessary during the progress of the work, to see that the work is proceeding in accordance with the drawings (approximately 3 visits)

Make final inspections and arrange for correction of any defects